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If you prefer to receive your purchased product(s) on a USB Stick delivered directly to your door step, then some additional costs will be imposed:

1- USB Stick 8GB + Backup CD + Printed Installation Instructions: $9.95.

2- Shipping Fees (Worldwide by aramex with tracking): $39.95.

(Shipped from our stores in UK, UAE, Jordan, or India). Delivery takes around 5-10 days.

Please note that the Physical Delivery can be ordered only after product purchase from the PRODUCTS page, or our web stores at EBAY, or AMAZON, our order-handling staff will match all the orders requested from the same PayPal emails and then send the purchased product(s) to the Customer's Registered PayPal Shipping Address.

Note: Ordering more than one product at the same time, and requesting Physical Delivery of these products will cost as if they are one product, since all purchased products will be installed on the same USB stick and shipped at the same shipping price.

Korg PA Styles on USB Stick